Health and Happiness Elvis Style
Building a better planet through Elvisness


"A must-read for those who remember Elvis and his generosity."

- Writer's Digest

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Health and Happiness Elvis Style has been praised by Elvis' friends, the media, health professionals, and fans alike.

Friends of Elvis

  • Larry Geller
    Elvis' Hairdresser and Spiritual Advisor
    Clever and very creative - I love it! Elvis was all about health and happiness. Two thumbs up!

  • June Juanico
    Elvis' First Serious Girlfriend
    I am shocked at how accurately Kristi has captured the essence of Elvis.  I was moved to tears. It almost seems like the words are coming out of his mouth.


  • Metro
    Angelique Campbell
    The very flaws that might make [Elvis] seem a bad role model are one of the reasons Weldon found him such a unique inspiration — underneath the elaborately jeweled jumpsuits there remained a genuine and humble man.
  • Writer's Digest
    Author Kristi Weldon's book, Health and Happiness Elvis Style is well-structured and organized. This is an easy-to-read book as the author rounded up a generous collection of anecdotes, illustrations, descriptions, dialogue, and quotes. She also wrote a chapter on how to use this book giving four options. Mrs. Weldon lets the reader know why she wrote this book and stresses the important elements of her story. A must-read for those who remember Elvis and his generosity.

Health Professionals

  • Margaret Gunn
    A bedside book of meditations. An inspiring and thought-provoking way to start each day in a reach for health and happiness.


  • Margie Adams
    June Juanico's Business Manager, Elvis Fan since 1955
    This is exactly what Elvis would do and say today. He was always helping people, and I think that he would be thrilled to be used as an example to touch people in this way.
  • Jan Scarbrough
    Elvis Fan since 1955
    A great guide for Elvis fans of all ages. A new slant on the legacy he left us. I would have to say my favorite quote from the book is: ""Walk a mile in my shoes" holds two truths:
    Not only do you gain that person’s perspective, but you get blisters while you’re doing it.
    You see and feel only one mile of that person’s journey. They must walk it all day every day."
  • Linda Ellison
    Elvis Fan since 1956 (age 5)
    A look at how to (as well as how not to) in a happy, healthy environment as brought home by "E"------the first American Idol, who continues to live on in our hearts and lives.
  • Kati Higginbotham
    Elvis Fan since 1977 (age 3)
    A real jewel for The King's crown.