Health and Happiness Elvis Style
Building a better planet through Elvisness


"A must-read for those who remember Elvis and his generosity."

- Writer's Digest

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Elvis, in her own words

From the Introduction to Health and Happiness Elvis Style:

At age 35, I had just returned from my first Elvis Week and my first tour of Graceland. I had always been a music-lover (I’m told I knew Merle Haggard and his lyrics at age three) so to say the experience was overwhelming is a bit of an understatement: like so many, it quite literally changed my life.  

I found myself in tears just taking in the enormity of it all. And it was while sitting in the Elvis Insiders Conference listening to the speakers that I started writing. I had already been taking notes on the presentations – I mean really writing: about what we can all learn from Elvis.  

He was a willing and unwilling pioneer. He was a leader and a regular guy. He was a cut-up and a gentleman. And he was blessed with gifts that when shared, put him in a position that no ordinary person would be equipped to deal with. Elvis was only human and was held up by others like a god. Like any of us, he did the best he could with what he had.  

So what can we learn from Elvis’ life so we can all grow as people? Well, I believe that Elvis would want us to look, learn, and move on to become the best individuals we can be. I can only hope that I have accurately interpreted the spirit of Elvis and that applying the knowledge in the book to your life makes you a better person. I know for a fact he believed in making the world a better place. I hope this makes him proud.

Copyright 2007-2010 Kristi S. Weldon All rights reserved.

What Elvis Said

"I've watched my audiences, and I've listened to them, and I know we’re all getting something out of our system, and none of us knows what it is. The important thing is we're gettin' rid of it and nobody's gettin' hurt."

"If you really want to please me, search for God and the truth."

Real Life Lessons from The King

In this "Little Instruction Book" The King provides advice on the good, the bad, and the ugly from his point of view. Great for meditation, inspiration, and laughter, the author interprets Elvis's life as he might see it today, sharing what he learned about good manners and relationships, about being true to yourself and taking care of your body. Known as the "Queen of the Bad Titles," this self-described pop culture goddess lives up to her reputation on both fronts with this fun little book.